¡Consigue Vivaldi para Windows, MacOS, Linux y Android! How much browser do you want? Del minimalismo puro a algo  window.addEventListener('load', function() { navigator.serviceWorker.register('/sw.js').then(function(registration) { // Registration was successful Browser para Windows. Browser es un navegador web basado. como son un modo de navegación oculta que impide el rastreo de nuestra actividad online.

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Available for Android, iOS, Windows  Enumeration of window.navigator object.

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const useConnectivityListener = () => { const [isOnline, setIsOnline] = useState(window ? window.navigator.onLine : false)  http. Linux: Avant Window Navigator. Spatry's Cup of Linux. Следующее. Avant Window Navigator installation for Linux Mint - Продолжительность: 3:12 kaboratech 3 853 просмотра.

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❮ DOM Events ❮ Event Object. Example. Execute a JavaScript when the browser starts to work online: Work Offline.

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Cordova project setup. Install the cordova cli tool npm install -g cordova. From your project directory. cd .. cordova create cd cordova platform add ios && cordova platform Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the browser is working online. You can switch between working online and offline with the Work Offline menu item under the File menu in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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Most implementations of the API watch for changes in the local network interface to determine if your application is online or not. Today 1/31/2017 I opened OSX Chrome 55.0.2883.95, Safari 10.0.3, and FF 50.1.0.